Creation of Despair

by Crypt Of Reason

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gordeth What it might sound like if Suffocation covered My Dying Bride, and I mean that in the best way possible. Read my full review here: Favorite track: Eye Of Abyss.
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released July 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Crypt Of Reason Homyel, Belarus

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Track Name: Сanvases
In similar days
In that moldering void space
No words, no reflections
There we find all our existence

Projection of a soul on dirty canvases
Point by point it will let us see forthright
The details that are not seen in the light
And maybe it will make them shining bright

Silhouettes and paintings on canvases
With time they will begin to turn crimson
One day they will be covered with ashes:
On one of these days they will start to burn.

By Fire that is burning the heavens
The canvases will be flamed up in it
By now The fire will not simply heat
Won’t blaze and smolder like toxic ambers

Won’t glow. But it will not change anything
Burned to the ashes in the heavy rain
Nothing but dust will remain with veiling
That Scattered by the winds on a gray day

Not reaching
The tail-end
Only wait
Not finding
Any shades

As if
Being withered flowers
Turning to a faded dust

Gleaming in the darkness,
Cooling down in the cold of sadness

We shall die
In silence
In a void
Fall asleep
Once for all
Once for all

And unhued
Colours on a grizzly list
In sweetness and light will exist

In the midst
Of eternal black hollow
Impendence quickly will mellow

And not
Not having time to see again
Anything but repulse of pain

At impertinent paintings
With tint of the blackest resins

In an endless mire of rotten decency
Of ruined existence of desperate vagrancy
Of disjoined aspiration for beauty and quietness
Of deformed ideas of the winds in the vastness

Of Life
Of ageless masterpieces of thoughts…

Screams in water
Nobody will hear
And with the air
The cogitations vapor

It’s Useless to look for
Trying to twig on
That doesn’t show the core
That ‘s in a crypt of reason
Track Name: Eye Of Abyss
There are only grey skies
Within sickly eyes
The cursed world is
Within withered tears
Mercury fog which
Is in a known speech
A cheap trick appears
That bringing us fears

Work my fingers to the bone, trying
Being stifled by a stench, by thirst, drying

Of a venal life we’re covered with dust
Into a coma falling
In the abyss own world restoring
In a void of a suicidal lust

The soil was scattered, and the sky became shattered
A strange mirage, illusions of ravings
The reality is senseless, or we’re sightless
Ties broke up, and you are in a coma,
You’re sleepping, or raving, or you are just living
In rave,in hell or in a dusty ruin
In the catacombs of consciousness, in dead deserts
The catatonia of will and amorphous thoughts

An eye of abyss
Is silent and ageless
Dampness is blowing
And it’s already within

A church or a jail? A God or a slave?
You don’t know what therein
Just the universe of learning
A bog of words with no meaning

Intractable neurasthenic motion
Within an inch of expansion
It’s beyond the control of mind
Unshunnable self-destruction

Time is putting on pace and is taking low road
We ‘re rolling into the abyss slide down a slope
On poisonous dew in the fog of the putrefaction;
Billions of bodies are under the depravation
Breathing more seldom and in eyes appears desperation
What was it for? All is at the brink, culmination

Silence as if being woven of the darkness
Petrification, at day you won’t understand that sight
Dusk is in the windows, waiting for the night
And the dark cold abyss is pulsing inside
Track Name: Leaving Hope Behind
Twinkling fitfully the light’s
Going down
And it sullenly lights
The fanciful forms around

Icy freezing landscapes
Are where duration
Of time slows down its pace
Turning into aeon

Once alone being face to face, with the endlessness
How much will you appraise existence?

And In my eyes
Dozens of the electrical suns

Will break out, and bespeaking a new era beginning
The new era of irreversible changing
Of a devastating chain reaction
The creation, which purpose is an inanition

"Who are we on this Earth?" -
We’re flying souls over the abyss of years

With gloomy silence of the stars that are dead
Like bloody rivers, we're flowing ahead
Like autumn winds with drops of rain are spread

And winds are falling, slopping
On grave-stones of destiny
An epitaph Inscribing
Of a pointless fighting

A borderless ocean of
Delusive dreams and hope

Illusion of selection
Road intersection
Leads to a gaping
Inspite of everything

Do you think that
You are a god?
You’re a god of blankness
Whose anthem is muteness

In the dark
Of the moon
Flowers break into bloom
Of grief

Pieces of memory
Do not reflect the stars
That were giving light
To each stride
All our hopes are dead
Your temple was burnt in its prime
Dying is sunset
Of the last day-time